A Warm Welcome to St. Michael’s

Whether you’re a longtime member of the church or a new explorer into the love and inspiration of Jesus’s teachings, St. Michael’s offers a host of events, fundraisers and educational experiences both here at the church and out in the community. We hope you will check this page often to find ways in which you can connect to your faith, as well as neighbors and friends old and new.

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About the Members Area

Join in the spirit and make connections by engaging in our faith- and charity-based activities. Signing up is easy! The member’s Area also contains a parish directory, a variety of request forms, and information on giving options as well as information on the current Rector search.

You may contact the church office at 719-598-3244, for the password to enter the secure members area.

An Anchor for Your Soul

 Through our shared love of Jesus, we are already dear friends. Please contact us with any questions or comments you may have and we will happily respond.